We are excited to announce that one of our co-founders, Cameron Airen, was featured on FCT member Sabrina Davis’ Skyhigh & Believe blog to discuss overthinking.

In the interview, she answers the following questions:

  • What are some of the common themes that arise for your clients, and how much of a role does overthinking play?
  • What are your top 1 to 3 tips to help guide someone who is stuck in their head to take action towards their goals?
  • What words of encouragement would you like to offer to overthinkers?
As long-time feminists who are passionate about social justice, coaching and entrepreneurship, we are interested in changing this. We are excited to create an opportunity for other coaches and leaders who care about social change to learn how to put Feminist Coach Theory into practice and deepen their feminist lens so they can be of better service to their clients and to themselves in their business.


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