Today, we wanted to tell you about the Shine From Within Youth Mentor Training founded by Amanda Rootsey. If you want to work with youth, this could be a program you would be interested in learning more about. It aims to give you the confidence to run your own workshops and programs whilst building a business you love.

In full transperency, Amanda is a graduate of the Feminist Coach Academy’s Feminist Coach Theory training. She is also a friend of the Feminist Coach Academy co-founders. She co-created the Gentle Business Mastermind alongside our co-founder Nai (note: that’s them pictured together in the image above). Our co-founder Cam has also guest taught in the Youth Mentor Training and been mentored by Amanda as a member of the Gentle Business Mastermind many moons ago.

We have therefore learned a lot about the Youth Mentor Training over the years, have met past trainees from the program, and have spent much time with Amanda talking about the program in professional and personal contexts. We know how much of her heart is poured into the training, how much value it provides to trainees, and how much ongoing support she offers beyond the program. We also know how devoted she is to integrating inclusive, feminist and social justice frameworks and teachings into the training. In fact, we had Amanda on our Feminist Coach Academy podcast to discuss this very topic. You can tune in here.

Therefore, we are proud affiliates of the Shine From Within Youth Mentor Training. You can read more about this below, including our bonus!


If you want to learn more about the Youth Mentor Training and whether it might be for you, Shine From Within have also created some fabulous free resources that give you a taste of what you can expect in the Youth Mentor Training.

3 Part Video Training Series

These include a free three-part video training series that covers the following topics:

Video 1: What it takes to be a Youth Mentor.

Video 2: 3 tips for engaging with teens authentically.

Video 3: Top tips for marketing teen programs.

You can sign up for the free video training here.

Free Masterclass: How to take your teen programs online

You might also like to access their free masterclass full of tips and information on how to take your teen programs online. It includes information on:

1. Why now (though probably pretty obvious!)

2. The basics of getting up and running online – fast and cheap

3. How to adapt your content to be suitable online

4. Ways to engage and hold space online

5. Duty of care when combining young people with online spaces

You can access the masterclass here.


Maybe you already know that you want to join the Youth Mentor Training and wish we would tell you more about our affiliate bonus already. Well here we go…!

If you enroll using this link, you will receive the Feminist Coach Academy Youth Mentor Training affiliate bonus.

Once the refund period for the training passes and we receive confirmation you are still enrolled, we will send you access to the first class in our Feminist Coach Theory Training. Our Feminist Coach Theory Training teaches helping professionals how to integrate inclusive feminism and social justice teachings – what we call Feminist Coach Theory – into their life, work and client practice.

The first class in the training is taught by our Co-Founder, Naomi Arnold (they/she). It is a 101 class introducing you to what Feminist Coach Theory (FCT) is, how it was founded, and how you can apply it to your life, work and client practice.


If you’re interesting in signing up to the Youth Mentor Training and receiving our affiliate bonus once the refund period for the program has lapsed and you have paid in full for the course, you can do so by clicking here.

Please then contact us to let us know once you have done so. We will ensure we reach out upon hearing that the refund period has lapsed to arrange receipt of your bonus! At this time, we’ll send you access to your bonus class!

In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. You can also read more about our Feminist Coach Theory Training here.


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