Cam interviews Feminist Coach Academy member, from the September 2020 intake, Cassandra Le. Cassandra is a Vietnamese American living in Spain and running Copywriting, Brand and Visibility Strategy business Quirky Pineapple Studio.

Cassandra shares how they got into the work they’re doing now, and the story behind the name of Quirky Pineapple Studio.

Cam and Cassandra discuss the ideas and expectations of being ‘professional’ and ‘successful’ versus being your authentic self and letting your personality shine through, as well as how Cassandra has been incorporating the learnings from their FCA studies into business and with their clients.

They explore how working with clients from different languages brought to light the way socialisation impacts us, as well as Cassandra’s journey with gender inclusivity, both personally and in business, including their decision to change pronouns from she/her to she/they.

Cam and Cassandra then discuss how they are unlearning manipulative marketing practices and incorporating that with the Quirky Pineapple Studio team, plus some examples of manipulative and shame-based marketing messages Cassandra sees in the online space.

Finally, Cassandra shares with Cam what inspired their move to Spain from the United States.

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