Cam and Nai are digging into an important topic today, talking about mindset, socialisation and systemic oppression. In the coaching, personal growth and business world, we have been given a lot of messages and taught a lot of ways to feel better, to make our goals happen and to get the life that we want. However, there is a huge lack of truly inclusive feminist analysis of those message and teachings around mindset.

Mindset matters and it’s not the whole story. It’s not as simple as changing your mindset to change your life. At the Feminist Coach Academy, we believe we can talk about mindset, but we must also talk about and name socialisation and systemic oppression. Cam and Nai explore the problems with the message that all the blocks and barriers we experience are about mindset and the oversimplification of the advice to ‘just change your mindset’.

They also discuss the inner critic, which is often a conversation in psychology, personal development and self-help spaces, and how it can be a useful piece to bring to the equation, from both a self-awareness and a social-awareness perspective. It’s not just about noticing and countering our inner critic, but also questioning where we learned it, how we were socialised to believe the things our inner critic is saying, and the internalised oppressive beliefs that may be underlying our inner critic.

Cam and Nai then explore the myths around hard work and merit, and the role that capitalism, white supremacy and other isms play in ‘The American Dream’ (or similar ‘have it all’ ideas). the impact of privilege and systemic oppression in teachings about business, marketing practices and money mindset.

Finally, they explore why it’s useful to be aware of binary thinking and remember that it’s not ‘either/or’ but ‘both and’ when it comes to mindset, socialisation and systemic oppression. This is an ongoing process of unpacking and unlearning and that’s exactly what the Feminist Coach Academy was set up to help you do.

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