In this episode Cam interviews Maggie Patterson, a mentor to service-based business owners and content marketing agency owner with 15+ years experience in business. Maggie is also a current student of the Feminist Coach Academy Training.
Maggie shares her trajectory in business over the last decade and a half, and the privileges she had when starting out in business that are really important to be transparent about and why this is the missing piece of the conversation within the online business world.

Cam and Maggie discuss the red flags and shady practices in the online business world, including the assumptions that people have access to financial resources, risk tolerance to take on financial risk on some of these programs. They discuss why we need to talk more about the privileges we have going into business and making this accessible for those who don’t have those privileges and come from different socio-economic background.

Maggie then explains how 2020 helped her lose her filter and start honest conversations that deeply need to happen in the online business world, including the collective trauma of the pandemic and how the she witnessed predatory online business practices not change at all, and then the racial reckoning in June and the resistance of big online business leaders to acknowledge let alone address it deeply and genuinely.

Maggie and Cam discuss the problematic pillars of online business, including blaming everything on mindset, and the normalisation of arbitrary 6 and 7 figure goals and of a kind of “fancy” lifestyle that is just abnormal for most people. Plus, how many of those stories of big revenue are grossly exaggerated, embellished or at best not transparent.

They then go on to discuss business masterminds and the problems and red flags to look out for there, as well as the ways online business replicates systems of oppression and relies on emotional labour from marginalised communities.

Finally, Cam and Maggie discuss why Maggie joined the Feminist Coach Academy Training, how it has impacted her business and life, and why she appreciates how rigorous, robust and intersectional it is.

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