In this episode Cam interviews Jolinda Johnson, a Wellness Mentor and Priestess who is a student of the Feminist Coach Theory Training. Jolinda helps her clients break up with burnout and return to the wild, whole, healthy and free.
Jolinda specialises in hormone health, burnout prevention and recovery and is focused on helping clients to tap into what feels good (not just what makes sense) and to move to a place of wholeness and wellness on their own terms, redefining what wellness means for them outside of the package that we’re sold.
Cam and Jolinda discuss her journey over the last 10 years, including the health experiences and new learnings that shifted her focus and why Jolinda no longer calls herself a ‘Women’s Health Coach’.
They explore some of the oppressive messages in the health and wellness spaces about our bodies and relationship to our bodies, addressing privilege in the world of wellness and dismantling our conditioning on a path to liberatory wellness.
Jolinda also covers some of the ideals set up in the wellness world that perpetuate systems of oppression, such as the toxicity of the “perfect” menstrual cycle, and instead how we can learn to be savvy about hormones and befriend and claim an alliance with our body.
They also discuss the toxic relationship many of us have with rest and pleasure and why we should be focusing our energy on identifying the problematic messages and oppressive systems playing out in the wellness world, instead of battling our bodies.
Finally, they discuss sacred activism, what Jolinda has been learning through the FCA, becoming more inclusive and applying that in business and the importance of being a practitioner that acknowledges oppression and communicates that in online platforms and communities, imperfectly and continuously.


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