Feminist Coach Academy (FCA) co-founder Cameron Airen interviews Lena West, a Business Coach and Strategist and also one of the Advisory Board for the FCA. Lena is also the Founder and CEO of CEO Rising, an online business accelerator and digital media platform for women identified entrepreneurs. It connects entrepreneurs with the three things they need to grow a sustainable, scaleable and ethical business: coaching, community and cash.
Lena shares what Feminism means to her and what drew Lena to the Feminist Coach Academy. Cam and Lena discuss why the big brands really should be investing in the FCA training and what Lena teaches about breaking free of Bro Culture in business. Even though we’ve gotten used to these oppressive strategies and tactics in business, we can unlearn them and we can let the brands know when their techniques and tactics are not ok.
Lena explains why the sense of urgency is so problematic and Cam shares an example of how together with Nai they are working on unlearning this in the FCA.
Plus they discuss learning ethical marketing practices, why Lena restructured her entire business model, the power of modelling what we want to see mirrored in the world and the relationship between boundaries and generosity.
Lena also shares a bit about CEO Rising and her experiences being both a student and on the advisory board for FCA. Find out more at


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