Cam interviews Mayra Cardozo, one of the current students in the Feminist Coach Academy training. Mayra is a Human Rights Lawyer, Professor of Human Rights and a Feminist Coach from Brazil.

Mayra shares how growing up as the daughter of a politician and then going into criminal law, led to her becoming a feminist. Mayra also talks about living and working in a very patriarchal, male-dominated world and how she began learning about feminism and then eventually intersectional feminism.

Cam and Mayra discuss how feminism often sparks anger in us that we can then channel into power and use the privileges that we do have to bring about change for ourselves and others.

Mayra shares how she became interested in coaching and why she studied with the Feminist Coach Academy, as well as how it has impacted her life and work.

Cam and Mayra then discuss language differences between English and Portuguese, and how it’s not as straightforward in Portuguese to communicate gender inclusivity. Mayra explains how she’s educating herself on this and working towards more inclusive communication.

Finally, Cam and Mayra discuss the difference Mayra’s community has noticed since the FCA training, and how she is exploring alternatives to the capitalist, patriarchal, hustle coaching mindset.

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