We have some exciting news – we have a new free resource available for you.

We know that doing business the feminist way isn’t always easy and comes with a host of problems, barriers and blocks that can be really challenging to work through or overcome.

So we decided to create a free webinar and accompanying workbook that discusses four main problems we witness feminist entrepreneurs experiencing and provide some options, ideas and tips for working through and overcoming each of these.

The four problems we address include:

  1. Struggling to Make Money and Doing So In A Way That Aligns With Your Feminist Values
  2. Fear of Stuffing or F’n Up or Getting It Wrong
  3. Feeling You Don’t Know Enough To Speak Up or Act or Show Up From a Feminist Awareness or Analyses
  4. Lacking the Means for Accountability and Support While You Take Action

In the webinar, we discuss each of these problems and suggest some actions that you can take to work through them. The webinar is under 40 minutes and packed full of useful information. You can pause it at any time to complete the relevant section of the free workbook too.

We would love if you would please share a photo of you watching the workshop and completing the workbook – to help us spread the word and encourage others to access the resource as well. To do so, simply tag us at @FeministCoachAcademy #FeministCoachAcademy and we’ll be sure to respond and follow along.

The more people we can support in growing their successful feminist business and working through these common problems, the better!