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We are excited to announce that while we prepare to officially launch the Feminist Coach Academy, we have a range of classes available from our pilot round of the program. If you are eager to start learning Feminist Coach Theory, you can sign up for individual classes or a 12 Class pass today.

These pilot classes are facilitated by a faculty of expert teachers on a variety of topics in relation to feminism, coaching, and business.  In these trainings, you will have the opportunity to learn what Feminist Coach Theory is and how you can integrate a feminist and social justice lens into your business, work, client practice, and life.

They are perfect for you if you want to:

  • integrate your feminism with your business
  • talk about the social issues that matter to you in your coaching practice or work
  • learn how to address internalized oppression with your clients
  • lead your biz from your feminist values and help your clients do the same
  • deepen your feminist analysis and use intersectional frameworks
  • feel more confident applying your feminist beliefs in your work
  • show up like a feminist CEO in your business
  • learn from and access a brain trust of leading experts in feminist coach theory

In short, together we will learn how to integrate your (intersectional) feminist beliefs into your business, client practice, work and life. We look forward to seeing you in class!

What is Feminist Coach Theory?

Our classes and curriculum at the Feminist Coach Academy are underpinned by Feminist Coach Theory co-founded by Cameron Airen and Naomi Arnold. Our definition of Feminist Coach Theory is:

“Feminist Coach Theory is an integrative approach to coaching that combines the practice of coaching with feminist philosophies and social justice teachings. Feminist Coach Theory adopts a critique of patriarchy, systems of oppressions and power to question the different ways we’ve been socialised and oppressed (based on gender, race, sexuality, class, ability etc) and how this shows up for the coach and client in their lives, goals, and relationships with self, other and each other. It employs an examination of the dynamic between self-awareness and social awareness to interrupt dominant ways of thinking and acting, access our inner and outer liberation, expand possibilities and options, identify possible strategies and solutions, and ultimately create new ways of thinking, being and acting within ourselves, with each other and in the world.”

In our pilot classes you will learn different elements of Feminist Coach Theory and how to practically integrate it in your business, client work and life.

Feminist Coach Academy co-founders + hosts


Cameron is a Feminist Mindset Coach, Mentor and Gender Consultant who helps feminists feel more confident, live the lives they want, do work that they love and is led from their feminist values, and make the world more gender-free.

In addition, Cameron works with solo-entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders and creatives to help them integrate next-level gender and social consciousness into their business and work so they can be a part of a growing movement of positive social change.

Cameron has a Masters degree in Anthropology & Social Change from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and a B.A. in Women & Gender Studies from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL. She has 14+ years of experience studying feminism, gender, sexuality and social change.

Their background includes 8+ years as a fitness trainer & long-distance running coach entrepreneur, and counseling.

They host the Feminsit Coach Academy podcast where inclusive feminism meets coaching and business. 

Cam uses they/them pronouns, and is a digital nomad who works with clients from all over the globe. 


Naomi Arnold is an award-winning life + business coach, mentor and trainer with a background in psychology, health, business and human rights.

She is passionate about supporting coaches, helping professionals and digital entrepreneurs with building successful businesses in a gentle, spirited, feminist, social conscious, impactful and sustainable way.

Naomi co-founded the Feminist Coach Academy, Feminist Coach Theory and Gentle Business Mastermind.

She has a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours, a certified life coaching qualification, is currently completing a Master of Human Rights and is certified as a B-Corporation.

Naomi has been featured in copious print, radio and digital media sources where she has been referred to as a “local identity”, “shining light”, “megastar”, “gentle powerhouse” and “international coach of the year.”

She loves supporting her clients in bringing to life the dreams they have for themselves, their businesses, their loved ones and the world at large – and would be honoured to support you in doing the same.

Feminist Coach Academy Pilot Classes & Faculty

“This class was beyond brilliant!”

“An exceptional class!”

“Such a great introductory class.”

“I am excited to use the worksheet in upcoming classes and love how much thought has been put into helping us translate theory into action.”

“Cam and Nai have put together a phemonenal program and supporting resources.”


In the first class of the Feminist Coach Academy pilot series, co-founder and award-winning life + business coach Naomi Arnold introduces us to Feminist Coach Theory.

In this class, Naomi:

  • Shares and unpacks the definition of Feminist Coach Theory (FCT) that she and Cameron Airen co-founded
  • Breaks down and explains key FCT concepts 
  • Summarises the origins and roots to FCT
  • Explains why helping professionals must have an awareenss of and ability to integrate FCT
  • Explains and provides examples (both personal and from client cases) of why having a self awareness AND social awareness is required when pursuing goals and attempting to create change
  • Introduces useful and practical frameworks that will support participants in practicing FCT in their business, client work and life

Class replay available NOW.

“This class was so informative and mind-blowing in a personal sense, but also in terms of how I work and coach clients.” 

“Cam’s class resulted in me taking immediate action in updating my business systems and processes, particularly around pronouns.


Cam has a B.A. in Women & Gender Studies and a M.A. in Anthropology & Social Change, and works as a gender consultant to soloentrepreneurs and coaches to help them be gender-inclusive and gender-free in their work, language, marketing and everyday life.  In this class, Feminist Coach Academy co-founder Cameron Airen unpacks:

  • Gender from a queer feminist anthropological lens
  • What gender is and how it has been constructed
  • How we have been conditioned by the gender binary
  • The difference and connection between what we think of as “biological sex”, gender and sexuality
  • Judith Butler’s notion that “sex” is as socially constructed as gender, and queer theory’s questioning of gender essentialism
  • Breaking down gender identity, expression, expectations + norms
  • Internalized oppression + freeing yourself from gender beliefs that don’t serve you
  • Cam’s “Prefigurative Gender Deconstruction”
  • Practical actions you can begin taking now in your coaching practice, with your clients, and in your business to disrupt patriarchy and the gender binary
  • MORE!

Class replay available NOW.

“I just wanted to say a sincere thank you for putting together such a wonderful program. FCT has been just phenomenal. Desiree’s class was so powerful. What an incredible and wise and giving person.”

“Since this class I’ve been thinking more about how having an awareness of the cycle of socialisation is critical in coaching and other service-based work. How we are socialised, our identities, etc impact our clients’ goals, our relationship with them, and the coaching process, the challenges/blocks etc we experience, etc – am pondering on this further today and always.


Seasoned consultant Desiree Adaway teaches an informative class on the ‘isms’ (i.e., racism, sexism, capitalism, anti-semitism, sizeism, etc) and how being aware of them is critical in business and client work.

In the class, Desiree unpacks:

  • Professional Bio vs Cultural Bio
  • Identity
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Dominant Culture
  • Anti-Blackness, Anti-Semitism, and Xenophobia
  • Colonisation and Capitalism
  • The Cycle of Socialisation
  • Intersectionality
  • Calling In vs Calling Out
  • Connections with Coaching & Business
  • Making Mistakes
  • MORE!

Class replay available NOW.

This class was awesome. So many thoughts!

Even though Nicole’s class just went LIVE this week, it’s already made an impact on my work and how I’m showing up for my clients. It’s helped me have more confidence in navigating trauma and mental health experiences with clients (and even friends) knowing I don’t have to be a trauma expert or mental health professional to hold space for little t trauma and my role can be in helping others get the support that they need.”

“It might sound like a big call, but today I attended one of the best classes I’ve participated in since training to become a coach. I genuinely think all coaches should have an opportunity to learn from Nicole on this important topic.”


Business therapist and mindset coach Nicole Lewis-Keeber teaches on the importance of having a foundational understanding of little t trauma and big t trauma in your client practice.

In Nicole’s in-conversation style class, we learn:

  • The difference between little t trauma and big T trauma + why it’s important we know this
  • How trauma impacts us + our relationship with our business
  • How trauma can show up with our clients + how to navigate this
  • The difference between coaching + therapy, when to refer on + when a both/and approach is appropriate
  • How to be responsible about sharing our personal trauma experiences with clients, in groups, when speaking, etc.
  • How trauma can show up in our relationship with money + how this can influence what we do in our business
  • How to have a nuanced approach to balancing mindset work with trauma + mental health contexts
  • Powerful questions we can ask ourselves + our clients when it comes to this work
  • Plus MORE!

Class replay available NOW.

“This was another fabulous class and I feel so fortunate to have been part of it Nai, Cam and Lena – thank you.”

“I think the strongest message was the importance of being true to yourself in business – whether that is about ensuring the biz reflects you, works for and loves you or trusting your instincts. Lena really gave me a much needed boost, to continue doing what it is I want to do but not committing to ‘things’ that don’t align for me.”


We’ve been socialised to believe that building a successful business requires us to be hard core, void of feeling and manipulative with the people we say we want to serve. Award-winning business coach Lena West is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs in challenging these patriarchal models and finding a new way – YOUR way.

In this in-conversation style class, Lena covers:

  • The distinction between business, marketing and coaching ‘frameworks’ versus ‘formulas’ – and which are useful or not
  • Reclaiming CEO and ‘6 or 7 figure’ business narratives 
  • The importance of knowing yourself and using this knowledge to go against the grain and build a business that loves you back
  • Determining if a teacher’s ethics are aligned with you and your way
  • The role of community in breaking free from ‘bro culture’
  • Balancing generosity with parameters in hustle culture
  • Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable in feminist business

Class replay available NOW.

Learning more about the socialisation of men and womxn, and how we respond and show up in relationship as a result, was insightful + personally validating. I had many YESSSSSS moments.” 

One of the biggest class takeaways was seeing how much womxn pick up the slack, do more work, caretake, etc. I want to start asking myself, “do I really want to do this or have I just been socialized to do it?” Or, “does this ultimately serve me to do this?” as our “wants” can shift moment to moment. The other big takeaway is around womxn investing so much in personal growth and thinking we “should” always be growing. Hmmmm there’s so much here. Lots to ponder on!


How To Be A Woman And Not Give A Fuck creator Airial Clark teaches how to become aware of, unpack and break free from the social conditioning that leads womxn to believe they have to put other people first (other needs, opinions, desires) – and ultimately decide and act upon what they actually want to care about and become.

In this conversation-style class, Airial covers:

  • How through gender conditioning folx are socialised in ways that do not serve them
  • ⁣Incorporating an awarenes of socialisation into your client work
  • How you can give less f*cks about things that aren’t serving you ⁣ + help your clients do so too
  • How our personality + personality tests are shaped by oppression
  • The many ways to hold someone accountable + how it’s contextual
  • Being discerning of feminist figures in the personal growth industry
  • Creating an inclusive + trusting space in workshops + with clients

Class replay available NOW.

“I really enjoyed this class. I feel like it was a missing piece of a puzzle that I didn’t know was missing.”

“It was fantastic. Nicole is wonderful and I found her genuinely inspirational. BIG fan here. Thanks again Nai and Cam for introducing me to another wonderful teacher.”


How do you have uncomfortable conversations with people about the “isms” (e.g., heterosexism, racism, ableism, classism, etc)? What do you say? How do you say it? How can you be most effective?

These are the questions diversity, equity and inclusion expert Nicole Lee answers in this class. Nicole covers: 

  • Our conversation barriers and concerns;
  • The cycle of socialization and how it relates to conversations;⁠
  • What courageous conversations actually are and are not;⁠
  • The difference between a debate, discussion and dialogue;
  • What it means to use your voice and the different ways we do so;⁠
  • Nicole‘s framework for using your authentic voice in conversations;⁠
  • Becoming aware of your personal triggers in conversations;⁠
  • Approaching conflict and feedback; and
  • MORE!⁠

Class replay available NOW.

“What an intriguing and quite profound class.”
“Eye-opening and transformative. I’ll be thinking about this one for a while. Can’t wait to integrate what I’ve learned into my coaching and engage with Celeste’s body-based exercises before taking action in my business.”


Celeste is a Sex Therapist and the co-creator of The Somatic Institute. She teaches on her Somatic Method-a relational and experiential body-based approach to sex and relationship coaching. In this class Celeste covers:

  • How gender conditioning and socialisation affects our sexual experiences and lives, and getting in touch with our erotica
  • Defining erotic empowerment
  • Connecting with erotic empowerment through different exercises including breathwork, visualisation and feelings ‘ping pong’
  • 3 Body-Based Exercises you can use with your clients to help them get in touch with their body, desire and erotica
  • Approaching conversations about sex in coaching contexts (including business and money coaching)
  • MORE! 

Class replay available now.

“This class is ESSENTIAL to any coach or helping professional. It opened my eyes to SO MUCH.”

“Great class! Sharyn is a powerhouse, so full of wisdom and passion  = exactly what this world needs.”

“Very informative class. I look forward to listening again, completing the workbook and taking action.”


Leadership and Inclusion Coach Sharyn Holmes teaches on privilege, racial trauma awareness and minimising harm in coach/practitioner-client relationships.

So many folx, particularly Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, experience shortcomings in their experiences with coaches, therapists, practitioners and helping professionals who are not well-versed in privilege, racial trauma awareness and harm. They are not getting the care and support they deserve.

Sharyn would “love to see more coaches dedicated to feminist coaching, cultivating an anti-racist and anti-oppression identity and racial trauma-informed approach to coaching that has the power to change generations now and into the future.”

Register for Sharyn’s class to learn how to do this.

Class replay and workbook available now.

“This has been such an interesting and enlightening class. I’m writing my copy for my website and this is perfect timing!”

“Thanks for the feminist writing prompts, Darla. I’ll put them into practice for my next offers.”

“OMG this class was so good. I can’t wait to carve out some time for the journal prompts. I’ve already signed up for the course she gave us free access to, and can’t wait to work through that too. So good. Thank you for connecting us with her and her work!”


Darla Antoine is a professionally trained journalist and researcher with a B.A and 20 years of experience in journalism (including newspaper, radio and magazine), a M.A. in intercultural communication and is an Okanagan (Syilx) First Nations woman. 

In this class, Darla covers:

  • What Ancestral Healing & Reverence is, why it is important and beneficial, how it connects to our work as feminist helping professionals, and how it is connected to copywriting too.
  • The 4 types of Patriarchal Communication and how they can show up in our work, business communications and marketing.
  • How feminist rhetoric invites transformation and is different to patriarchal communication.
  • The elements of feminist communication, writing prompts/questions for examining how we can engage feminist communication in our work, and how we can use these to inform our copywriting
  • Ultimately how we can use the power of our words “to create a world that is just, equitable, transparent, holistic and inclusive.

Darla also gifts participants free bonus access to her Ancestral Magic course that unpacks Anti-Racist Genealogical Research and Ancestral Reverence further. 

Class replay and bonus course available now.

Attend this LIVE class on Tuesday 26 May 2020 3.30pm PT / Wednesday 27 May 2020 8.30am AEST.

Use this website to calculate what time that will be in your timezone.

We will send the class replay to those registered after class – so if you can’t make it LIVE don’t worry!


We bring our unconscious biases to our client work and our clients do too.

Author, facilitator, social historian, and creative word artist Leesa Renee Hall will teach a class on how to disrupt our unconscious bias.

Leesa Renee Hall has helped over 30,000 leaders unpack their unconscious biases using her signature process called the Contemplative Methodology.

We will learn how to use and support our clients in using the art of self-enquiry and expressive writing to question unconscious bias in order to create truly inclusive communities, companies and corporations.

Class replay available now.

Attend this LIVE class on Tuesday 16 June 2020 3.30pm PT / Wednesday 17 June 2020 8.30am AEST.

Use this website to calculate what time that will be in your timezone.

We will send the class replay to those registered after class – so if you can’t make it LIVE don’t worry!


The traditional wellness paradigm reinforces harmful body and beauty standards.

Former health coach turned writer, speaker and educator Melissa Toler will teach class participants how our coaching goals, methods and messaging in the health, wellness and fitness spheres could be potentially harmful and what we might like to consider changing in order to better support our clients, audience and self in a more healthy way.

If you are a health + wellness professional, personal trainer or fitness instructor, life coach who discusses health and wellness, or other practitioner – we believe this will be a MUST REGISTER class for you.

Class replay available now.

Alternatively, you can purchase one class ONLY by simply going to the class you want to purchase above and clicking the ‘buy this class’ option. If you want to buy a class at a time, the rate is $300 AUD per class (currently on sale for $200 AUD per class). If you plan on attending multiple classes, the above package options might be better suited for you. 

What are the bonus Integration Calls?

Throughout the year, Cam and/or Nai host quarterly integration calls with Feminist Coach Academy 12-Class Pass members to help them transform the THEORY learned in class into PRACTICE.

These calls provide an opportunity for you to:

  • talk more in depth about what you’ve learned in the FCT classes to date;
  • discuss how what you’ve learned in class can be applied to your individual context in business, client work, and life;
  • practice feminist coach theory through guided self coaching and with other members on the group call;
  • go over potential or current client scenarios and options for approaching them from a feminist perspective; and
  • to ask any follow-up questions from class or about how you can specifically integrate learnings into your work.

We believe it is important to practice putting the theory into practice and we want to make an opportunity and supportive environment for you to do that.

NOTE: These calls are recorded for those who joined after the live calls were held or were unable to attend due to timezones and scheduling conflicts.

 The Feminist Coach Academy integration call was such a good call and I appreciated the meaningful and stimulating discussion.

Thanks for the recommendation on the integration call. It was JUST the thing I needed.

Thanks for the integration call recording and sharing your juicy discussion. I resonated a lot with what was shared, and it helped me get clearer on some of my own thoughts and questions around these topics

Who are the classes for?

  • You already have a coaching business, are a coach-in-training, are ready to start a coaching business and/or a business or profession in a similar field.
  • You do not necessarily call yourself a coach, but are a helping professional who blends coaching methodologies into your approach and client work.
  • You believe that coaching is a craft and skill that requires ongoing development, practice and learning.
  • You identify as or want to learn more about becoming a feminist coach.
  • Creating an ethical and socially aware business is important to you.
  • You are willing to be gently and respectfully challenged in a courageous community space.
  • You value critical thinking and anaylses, self inquiry and self growth.

Who are the classes not for?

  • You are not a coach, helping professional or service-based professional – and have not training in related industries 
  • You are not a helping professional or practitioner who blends or aspires to blend feminist coaching methodologies into your approach and client work.
  • You do not identify as a feminist or wish to learn about feminist coaching theory and approaches.
  • You are not open to learning about different perspectives and experiences.
  • You are in business exclusively to make money and advance your personal status and career – and honestly don’t care if your approach is socially aware or inclusive.
  • You believe you have nothing new to learn as a coach and are already at a masterful level.
  • You are looking for a safe space where you, your beliefs and methods are always validated and different perspectives or ways of looking at things are not offered.

Not sure? Have questions?

If you have questions about the Feminist Coach Academy pilot round, you might find your answers in the FAQ question at the bottom of the page.

Alternatively, you can email us directly at hello (at) feministcoachacademy (dot) com. We would love to respond with our answers to any questions or concerns you might have.

And finally, both Cam and Nai offer 15 minute free Zoom videoconference calls with folk who would prefer to ask their questions via a virtual face-to-face meeting! Click on the link below to find a time and book into their schedule today.

Alternatively, you can purchase one class ONLY by simply going to the class you want to purchase above and clicking the ‘buy this class’ option. If you want to buy a class at a time, the rate is $300 AUD per class (currently on sale for $200 AUD per class). If you plan on attending multiple classes, the above package options might be better suited for you. 


1. When does the pilot program run?

We are delivering Feminist Coach Academy pilot classes during our development period. The final ‘live’ class will run in June 2020. These classes will only be available up until the official launch of the Feminist Coach Academy certification and curriculum in mid-2020.

You can view a schedule of when the pilot classes will be held here.

Please keep in mind that some call times still have yet to be announced for some classes.

Just like a virtual summit, classes and calls will be recorded and those who can’t attend live or who purchase the class/es after the live call will receive the recording/s.

2. How will the classes be structured?

Each live class will be structured differently. We have deliberately left the structure of classes up to the guest teacher. Some classes might be in ‘lecture’ format, others might be more interactive or workshop-structured, and others might be an interview format. Nai and/or Cam will attend every live class, briefly introducing the guest teacher and handing it over to them to facilitate the class (unless/until their input/assistance is required).

3. Is this program for coaches only?

This program is for coaches and/or those who integrate coaching skills or methods in their work with clients. We suspect in addition to coaches, that other helping professions such as therapists, healers, mentors, facilitators, personal trainers and leaders will be interested in joining to gain insight to how to integrate feminist coach theory in their practice.

4. Are you paying the guest teachers?

Yes! In designing the Feminist Coach Academy pilot round, we knew we wanted a faculty of expert teachers in a range of topics related to feminism and social justice. We also wanted to offer the classes in a way that not only enabled participants to access the best training possible, but also supported and respected the guest teachers.  In alignment with our feminist values, we wanted to pay the guest teachers and ensure those who take part in the training are committed, willing and ready. We therefore want you to know upfront that the teachers will be paid $100AUD per participant enrolled in their class  – so the more people who sign up for their classes, the more the teachers will get paid. We cannot wait to tell the teachers who have enrolled in their classes!

5. Will I be able to ask the guest teachers specific questions?

Yes! Although each class will be led by the teacher in their chosen format, there will be an opportunity to ask question if you attend the classes live. If you cannot attend live and have purchased the class prior to the live call, you can presubmit questions at hello (at) feministcoachacademy (dot) com – Cam or Nai can then ask the question on your behalf.

6. Is it possible to buy a class and then upgrade to a package option later?

Please contact us athello (at) feministcoachacademy (dot) com to discuss should you wish to explore this option.

7. When will the calls be held? And what if I can’t make them live?

The Feminist Coach Track calls have been scheduled at varied times to accommodate the guest teacher and host. You can view the current call schedule here (please keep in mind that some times are still yet to be announced). If you cannot attend them live, you will receive a recording and links to any referenced resources. Where possible, we will also invite you to pre-submit questions ahead of the live call and we will ask them on your behalf.

8. Will there be a Facebook group for participants?

No there will not be a private Facebook group or online community for the Feminist Coach Academy pilot round specifically.

9. Is there a refund and cancellation period?

The refund/cancellation conditions vary depending on which package you purchase. View our refund policy for details.

10. Will you have a scholarship or accessibility options?

Since we will be using a portion of your payments to pay the guest teachers, we do not have a full scholarship position available for these pilot classes. However, we are open to discussing partial scholarship or bartering options if the program is not currently accessible to you. Please email us at helo (at) feministcoachacademy (dot) com if you would like to enquire about applying for a partial scholarship.

11. We note you have not used the term ‘intersectional feminism’ and this concerns me. Is this program intersectional?

As you may have assumed by our definition of Feminist Coach Theory and the topics covered in this program, we aspire to have intersectional frameworks in our approach to feminism. We recognise, however, that many white folx have used Kimberlé Crenshaw’s ‘intersectional feminism’ in a tokenistic way and co-opted it for their own gain and image – leading to a number of women of colour requesting that white feminists not use this term. We acknowledge multiple systems of oppression (racism, ableism, classism, heterosexism, whorephobia, ageism, etc.) and believe they are all connected, and aim to transform them in our work and lives.

12. Is this program for women only?

No. This program is for all gender identities. For your information, Naomi uses she/her pronouns and Cameron uses she/they pronouns. 

15. Paypal doesn’t work for me. Are there other options for payment?

There absolutely is! Please email us at hello (at) feministcoachacademy (dot) com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to arrange other payment options.

16. How is the pilot program different to what you’ll be launching in mid-2020 under the Feminist Coach Academy?

When we officially launch the Feminist Coach Academy we will be offering a core curriculum and specialty tracks for feminist (or aspiring feminist) coaches, therapists, helping professionals, practitioners and entrepreneurs. There will be workbooks accompanying each class in the curriculum and an option to become certified in Feminist Coach Theory. Some of the classes run in the pilot round will be included in the curriculum, as well as new teaches and classes. We will be offering credits to existing students as needed. We expect the new program to be priced higher than this pilot round. Make sure you sign up to our interest list to here more as news becomes available. 

17. Where can I ask more questions?

Please send any questions you have to hello (at) feministcoachacademy (dot) com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.