Do you want to have a feminist business, but you don’t know where to start?

Perhaps you are new to feminism and social justice. You didn’t study feminism, human rights or gender studies. Perhaps you haven’t read many feminist texts. Maybe you’re learning from following activists online right now.

Or maybe you’ve done all these things and you’re still feeling a little stuck about integrating a feminist analysis into your business and/or client practice.

Wherever you are at on your learning journey with feminism, we believe that you do not have to know everything about feminism and social justice to start your feminist business. You can start where you are at right now.

We want to share four tips with you to keep in mind as you start this journey.


TIP 1: Let go of perfectionism and start now

Regardless of whether you consider yourself to be a beginner or advanced when it comes to feminist awareness, we recommend that you start where you are. Accept that you’re going to mess things up sometimes.

We all make mistakes. And we all, no matter how advanced our feminist analysis, have more to learn.

As Ericka Hines says: “be humble and ready to fumble”.

If the fear of making mistakes is holding you back from starting a feminist business or speaking up more about inclusive feminism in your business, we have an article on this topic that you might find supportive.


We encourage you to start integrating what you do know about feminism and social justice into your business and client practice today.

Devote yourself to learning and growing along the way.

Learn from your mistakes and do better.

You can start your feminist business AND learn and evolve your feminist analyses along the way.

TIP 2: Commit to lifelong learning + integrating

We need to accept that enhancing our inclusive feminist analyses (and integrating these analyses into our life and work) is a lifelong practice.

It isn’t something where you can reach a finish line and now know all the things.

Feminisms are always evolving. What we know about managing an ethical and socially-conscious business and client practice is also always evolving. Inclusive language and practices are always evolving.

So no matter where you are at in developing your feminist awareness and practice, take time to reflect on how you can continue to grow your feminist analyses long-term, and how you can integrate these learnings into your business and client practice.

We believe this is not only the right thing to do, but the more you grow and learn, the more confident you will feel with integrating your feminist analyses into your business and client practice.

TIP 3: Pay attention to using inclusive language

We have found that another area where people get stuck when it comes to starting a feminist business or integrating feminism into their business is around lacking confidence around using inclusive language.

It is important to ensure you are using inclusive language and aren’t replicating oppressive structures in your business marketing and communication with clients.

Just like we’ve pointed out already in this article, you are going to mess up and use problematic and harmful language sometimes. Sometimes you just don’t know. Often language evolves and what used to be considered inclusive, no longer is anymore.

When you get it wrong, apologise and adopt better language.

We still get it wrong sometimes at the Feminist Coach Academy. When someone tells us, we thank them for letting us know, we apologise, and we try to take immediate action to update our knowledge around language in that area, and we make the relevant changes wherever needed to use more inclusive and anti-oppressive language moving forward.

Deconstructing language and making changes to language are crucial for social change. Language is how we communicate with others. It’s how we market in our businesses. It’s how we build a rapport with and support our clients. It is super important.

Again, this is an area where you need to remain devoted to learning, unlearning, and growing. It’s something that you need to “keep tabs on” to remain current. If you’re commited to best practices in your business, focusing on the language you use is essential, not just now but ongoing.

At the Feminist Coach Academy, we talk a lot about language in our Feminist Coach Theory Training. Not only do we touch on inclusive language in the context of our varied class topics, but we have a class on business niching and gender inclusive language, plus an elective taught by Darla Antoine on feminist copywriting. We also have a ‘living document’ that we update as language evolves with information and links to resources that will help support your efforts to use inclusive language

TIP 4: Get Support

Integrating feminist analyses into your client practice and business is easier when you don’t have to do it alone. We recommend that you think of ways where you can have support along the way.

Our Feminist Coach Theory Training is a great way to have this support. We help you not only build your feminist analyses using intersectional frameworks and our incredible faculty deep dive into many different and critical topics along the way.

As you go through the Feminist Coach Theory Training and your feminist awareness develops, you will make so many mind-blowing connections between different elements of your work and feminism, and your confidence in how to integrate inclusive feminism into your business and client practice will grow as well.

Students are telling us about this all the time…

“Things have changed so much since initially starting the Feminist Coach Academy. I find that as I work through the learnings and have time for things to “sink in”, that micro shifts are happening all the time. Having now gone through the modules and looking back, I can feel how much more comfortable I am with diversity as a lived approach, rather than a checklist approach. I absolutely love FCA!! It feels like it connects up my beliefs with facts, and gives strategies to make real impacts in my life, family and business.” – Tanya Rutherford, Learn Grow Become CEO

“Feminist Coach Theory rocks!! 🙂 This feels like an incredible foundation to work from. Having a feminist lens has been transformative in my own life and this framework is supportive in working with clients to create more change. I appreciate how useful it is to have these frameworks for coaching, and to be able to share them with clients in practical ways. They feel very important to the learning and practice.” – Emma Sheilds, Life Coach

“I joined FCA to build a feminist praxis in my business as a mentor, and to help get a more holistic view of all the isms as they impact my practice. The quality and the depth of each of the trainings has been impressive, and it’s helped me deepen my analysis of all areas. Best of all, I feel better equipped to take concrete actions in my business to truly be intersectional, and to ensure I’m serving my clients in a way that’s brave and does no harm.” – Maggie Patterson, Small Business Boss Founder


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