Are your trainings for coaches only?

Our trainings are for coaches and/or those who integrate coaching skills or methods in their work with clients. In addition to coaches, we welcome other helping professionals such as therapists, healers, mentors, facilitators, personal trainers, service-based and creative entrepreneurs and leaders who are interested in joining to gain insight to how to integrate feminist coach theory in their practice. In fact, we believe most folks (often unknowingly) use coaching skills in their lives and work and will find our trainings helpful in integrating inclusive feminist coach theory into their life, (paid or unpaid) work, and relationships.

I'm a therapist. Can your trainings go toward my registration and professional development credits?

We have had therapists entroll in our certification training and submit their study hours as part of their registration and professional development credits. We are not across every registration system across all countries and territories, so recommend that you check the requirements of your specific registration system. We do provide a certificate at the end of the certification and can provide a statement of hours studied to provide as evidence if needed.

If your credit requirements require trainings to cover the topic of ethics, yes this is covered in the Feminist Coach Theory Certification Training. Although we do not have a class specifically titled Feminist Ethics, we do discuss in most trainings and live calls how we can integrate what we are learning which is essentially inclusive feminist values, analyses and ethics into our client practice and work. We also recommend that such trainees enroll in the elective taught by Lena West that examines the predatory and manipulative tactics often employed in business, coaching and marketing practices and how we can break free from these and behave in a more ethical and feminist way. 

If you have any further questions about this, please contact us at hello (at) feministcoachacademy (dot) com.

Do I become certified in Feminist Coach Theory at the end of your full Feminist Coach Theory Certification Training? How do I become certified?

If you do all that is required to get certified (including watching all of the required classes, attending/watching the Integration Calls, completing all the workbooks and other actions, and complete the multi-media final project, then you can apply to become certified in Feminist Coach Theory by the Feminist Coach Academy. If you do not complete all of the requirements, then you will not get certified. You will be given 6 months after the training to complete all of your certification requirements and apply for certification. You can read more about our certification criteria here

I am interested in your full Feminist Coach Theory Certification Training but am not interested in becoming certified. Is this a problem?

This is not a problem at all. The process of certification is completely up to you. If you choose to not go through the process of certification, you are not eligible to say you are certified in Feminist Coach Theory by the Feminist Coach Academy. You can say that you have undertaken Feminist Coach Academy classes.

I'm new to feminism. Are your trainings for me?

Whether you’re new to feminism or you studied feminist theory in college, as long as you have a willingness to learn and grow, our trainings are for you! In fact, several of our members have been beginner learners and are feeling more confident in their awareness and knowledge after having engaged with the classes and calls.

I feel like I'm pretty advanced in my level of feminism. Is the FCA right for me?

Yes! While the founders have been lifelong feminists and studied feminist theory in academia, there is always more to learn and feminism is continuously evolving so it’s good to be up-to-date and continue blowing our minds. Plus, even if you’re not new to feminist theory, practicing and integrating it into your work and biz can be a whole different story. We help you put feminist coach theory into practice and feel more confident integrating it into your work. You get to be a part of an amazing feminist community too! Our members are pretty awesome. 🙂

Many certification programs run by White folx are problematic and act as 'gatekeepers' of knowledge and skills. How are you addressing this in your certification training?

Much thought went into deciding whether to make the full training a certification or not. We ended up deciding to do so to encourage folk to fully commit to the learning, unlearning and action taking that we believe is required in this space. We didn’t want it to be a training where people take the classes, learn some of the theory, and don’t take ongoing action. Our hope is by making it a certification training that focuses on praxis, that trainees will be encouraged to integrate what they learn during and after the program.

However, we also acknowledge that white folx often position themselves as gatekeepers of knowledge and skills and we are trying to be mindful about this as two white co-founders as we design and deliver the training. We offer scholarship options and positions in each intake to help make it more accessible for folx who need and desire to undertake the training but perhaps aren’t in the financial position to do so right now. We have asked our Advisory Board members, who are involved in the certification process and assessment, to help hold us accountable to continuing to recognise this issue and do the ongoing work required to ensure we are offering a comprehensive, quality and transformative training without becoming ‘gatekeepers’ in the process. You can learn more our Advisory Board members here.

Are your trainings for women only?

No. Our trainings are for all gender identities. For your information, our co-founder, Cam, identifies as a nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns, and our other co-founder, Nai, identifies as a woman and uses she/they pronouns.

Is Feminist Coach Theory and your trainings queer friendly and trans-inclusive?
The Feminist Coach Academy are advocates of trans feminism, queer feminism and feminism with intersectional frameworks.
One of our co-founders identifies as queer and teaches a two part class on queer theory, queer feminism, and undoing the gender binary in the training – where we also have additional videos, readings and resources for folks to support the learnings in these modules. In our full certification training, we also host an integration call that focuses on these classes because we find this is one of the topics where members have the most questions around integrating the learnings in their business and work – with many changing their messaging and the language they use in their copy, website, social media, marketing etc to reflect what they have learned.
Some of the other faculty members identify as non-binary and/or on the queer spectrum too – but do not specifically teach around this. We have been in contact with potential new teachers around including classes on trans liberation, white supremacy and gender, queer friendly sex & relationship coaching, and other important areas that we believe coaches and helping professionals need to be familiar with here too.
We also have community guidelines that remind members to use gender inclusive / gender free language when addressing the community and have a cheat sheet in our resources section to support them with this too. We prompt members to share their pronouns with us on our Meet & Greet call and to put them on their Zoom name if they feel called.  Some members have also started to explore their gender and have shifted how they identify since joining the program and reflecting on the early teachings. Since we have a global program, we have also been learning from members in other countries about the nuances around language and identity when it comes to gender and sexuality specifically.
We note you use the word 'intersectional' on this website and this concerns me. Is this training truly intersectional?

As our teacher and Advisory Board member, Desiree Adaway, teaches us in her class, individuals are not intersectional, frameworks are. It is extremely important for us to teach feminist coach theory with intersectional frameworks. We ask each of our teachers to acknowledge and approach their classes with an intersectional lens no matter the topic.

Will your trainings teach me how to become a coach?

No, our trainings are not a life coaching certification. Our trainings teach you how to integrate Feminist Coach Theory into your life, business, work and/or client practice. You do not have to be a certified coach to undergo our trainings. We teach you how to be a socially conscious helping professional and/or entrepreneur whether you’re a coach or not.

Do you recommend any specific coaching schools?

One of our co-founders, Naomi Arnold, got their life coaching certification through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy (BYCA) and we recommend them as a coaching school. For more information on Naomi’s experience with BYCA and their FCA related affiliate bonuses, click here.

Become A Beautiful You Life Coach

I am an organisation and am interested in taking multiple people through your trainings. Do you offer a licensing rate?

We have two options for organisations who wish to take multiple people through our trainings. You can learn more about these two options here.

How many hours will your full Feminist Coach Theory Certification Training require of me each week?

Our full Feminist Coach Theory Certification Training takes place over six months. Every week, you will get a different feminist class to watch and complete a workbook for with an implementation call approximately every third-fourth week to help you integrate what you’ve been learning, submit homework and complete certification requirements. (There will be some extra implementation weeks and holiday breaks where you can catch up too.)

You should expect 3-5 hours for the class and workbook each week. Plus, monthly Integration Calls, so depending on the week, you can expect 3-5 hours. Every approximate three weeks, there is an Implementation Week where no classes are sent but you will get time to catch up on your homework, implement what you have been learning and submit any outstanding homework for certification. That time will depend on you, how much you prioritize it, and how much you get done during study weeks already but could take up to 3-5 hours.

We are dedicated to creating a high quality certification training where you feel well adversed in Feminist Coach Theory and equipped to integrate it into your practice, business and everyday life. Our certification training is robust because we care about you learning and implementing the tools and being equipped to practice feminist, anti-oppression coaching if that’s something that’s important to you. 

Will I have access to the teachers and be able to ask them questions myself?

Most of the teachers, you will not have direct access to, however some of our teachers might show up for a pop-up Q&A or on Integration Calls where you can ask them questions in the full Feminist Coach Theory Certification Training. You can ask the FCA co-founders (Naomi Arnold and Cameron Airen) and your fellow trainees any questions you have in the FB group, on live calls, or email us at hello (at) feministcoachacademy (dot) com. 

Do you pay the teachers?

Yes! We have been paying our teachers since the beginning when we designed the Feminist Coach Academy pilot round. We knew we wanted a faculty of expert teachers in a range of topics related to feminism and social justice. We also wanted to offer the classes in a way that not only enabled participants to access the best training possible, but also supported and respected the guest teachers. In alignment with our feminist values, it is important for us to pay the guest teachers and we continue to do so.

Do you offer reduced fee rates and/or scholarships?

Yes, we do. We usually offer an Early Bird discounted rate or an extended payment plan option a month or so before our next intake. Make sure you take advantage of this time period. We do offer a limited number of partial scholarship spots for each intake and include an application form on our sales page when we’re open for enrollments.

Who are the co-founders of the Feminist Coach Academy?

We are Nai (she/they) and Cam (they/them), who have been both life and business coaches and feminist mentors who are passionate about helping inclusive feminist leaders (like you) create successful, impactful, sustainable businesses with integrity. Combined, we have been studying feminist theory for at least two decades, and have backgrounds in gender studies, psychology, counseling, working in government, human rights, health, fitness training, coaching, and entrepreneurship.

Are you a US based company?

No we are not. We serve a global community.

I have more questions. Where can I submit them?

You can email them to us here: hello (at) feministcoachacademy (dot) com. When you contact us, please keep in mind that we are a small team. As our autoresponder states when you email us, it can sometimes take several days for us to get back to you. We look forward to receiving your email!