In this Feminist Coach Academy episode, our co-founder Cameron Airen interviews Darla Antoine.

Darla is a ghostwriter and copywriter for feminist businesses, thought leaders and spiritual workers. She has a M.A. in Intercultural Communication and a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication. Darla is Okanagan First Nations and is a spiritual worker who has led many ancestral healing sessions. 

In this episode, Darla talks about:⁠

🎧 What drew her to focus on copywriting from doing ancestral healing sessions⁠

🎧 Some examples of what feminist copywriting looks like and the ways it challenges current marketing techniques⁠

🎧 Pivoting and changing your mind⁠

🎧 Having a spiritual business and what spiritual means to Darla⁠

We know how important copywriting is for entrepreneurs, and for feminists, we want to change the game and challenge oppressive marketing techniques. This episode will give you some insight on how to begin doing that. ⁠


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Note: Since this interview was originally recorded, we were made aware that one of the third parties mentioned in the episode may have caused harm to Black folks and folks of colour. We did not witness this harm firsthand but want to acknowledge the grievances of others and assert that any mention of a third party person, product or training is not intended as an endorsement.


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