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Aware & Inclusive:


Would you like to integrate an inclusive feminist praxis into your life, work, client practice and community?

Are you not quite ready to invest in going through the full six month Feminist Coach Theory Certification Training or have just missed the timing on joining a recent cohort – but would LOVE to begin your foundational learning in this critical work?

If so, the Feminist Coach Academy has an Aware & Inclusive training package just for you.

I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities I’ve had for my own learning and professional development, as well as the ongoing support I’ve received from the Feminist Coach Academy this year.

recently gave a workshop about burnout and how it affects Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color (BIWOC) specifically.  Had I not been training with The Feminist Coach Academy, it would have been a completely different presentation.  From exploring the role of gender to highlighting systems of oppression that create states of chronic stress, my training emboldened me to go further than I might have otherwise and provide information that helped the participants see burnout in a whole new way. 

Jolinda Johnson

Wellness Mentor & Priestess

The Feminist Coach Theory training has been awesome. It’s already changed so much of how I run my business and the relationships in my life! I love the experience! This is all the information and knowledge I was looking for in this field in one space. The classes are great and really informative. The experience in the community and the classes is great. I like that we have the FB group to be able to ask questions, share what’s come up for us, and people will hop in and give their insight.

Cassandra Le

Founder, Brand Strategist & Copywriter, The Quirky Pineapple

Aware & Inclusive:



Would you like your staff, team, trainees, students and/or members to integrate an inclusive feminist praxis into their life, work, practice and community?

Are you not quite ready to invest in them going through the full six month Feminist Coach Theory Certification Training, but would like for them to have a foundational understanding of this critical work?

If so, the Feminist Coach Academy has an Aware & Inclusive training package just for you.

I joined FCA to build a feminist praxis in my business as a mentor, and to help get a more holistic view of all the isms as they impact my practice. The quality and the depth of each of the trainings has been impressive, and it’s helped me deepen my analysis of all areas. Best of all, I feel better equipped to take concrete actions in my business to truly be intersectional, and to ensure I’m serving my clients in a way that’s brave and does no harm.

Maggie Patterson

Small Bussiness Boss founder

The Feminist Coach Theory Certification Training was one of the best things I did this year and I am really loving and delighted by it. The best part of my day is to see the classes and implement the amazing content that I learn.

At first I was a little unsure about signing up because I’m Brazilian and I don’t speak English fluently, but the FCA team is so attentive and so wonderful that at all times it made me feel comfortable and safe in sharing my experiences in a foreign language.

Certainly choosing this training at FCA was one of the best things I did and I recommend it to all from all parts of the world!

Mayra Cardozo

Lawyer, feminist, activist and human rights teacher

This is a truly transformative experience – not only for us as coaches, but for our industry, community and world.

As a newbie coach, I thought I had all the boxes ticked: take a coaching course, help clients reach their goals, post inspirational memes on Instagram. 

After training with the Feminist Coach Academy, I’ve seen how that was ‘coaching lite’ – and that I may have even been inadvertently causing harm. In a safe space, Nai, Cam and all the incredible mentors and teachers, reveal, layer by layer, step by step, how to build a truly inclusive, informed, integrated business. 

So not only do we help our clients create change in their own lives, but also to co-create vast, varied and valuable social change.

FCA is more than a program. It’s the beginning of a career-long, life-long journey to becoming a better coach and a better human. I completed FCA inspired, elevated, educated, connected and confident, ready to make a meaningful difference with actionable knowledge. It was the essential coach training I never knew I needed – held in an intimate community of coaches who I now call friends. 

Katherine Rose

Intuitive Coach & Copywriter

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