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4 Problems Feminist Entrepreneurs Need To Overcome To Have A Successful Business

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4 Problems Feminist Entrepreneurs Need To Overcome To Have A Successful Business

In this FREE webinar, our co-founders Cameron Airen & Naomi Arnold, teach on four problems that feminist entrepreneurs and helping professionals encounter – and provide actionable tips on how to overcome them in order to build a successful, profitable, impactful AND socially conscious business.

These include:

💵 Making Money⁠
🙀 Fear of F’n Up⁠
💬 Lack of Feminist Awareness / Analysis⁠
💛 Lack of Support, Accountability + ACTION⁠

Watch the webinar and complete the accompanying workbook to work through these problems today.



Nai and Cam are doing brilliant things for the coaching world and for feminism. Through the Feminist Coach Academy, they are bringing together a diverse group of expert educators teaching on a broad range of feminist topics to help coaches, helping professionals and other practitioners integrate feminism and social awareness into their life and profession/business. I am involved in the pilot program and cannot recommend the FCA highly enough.

Shannon Heitzmann

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